West Field - Phill Newborn


Engine: Ford 1.7 ltr... Front Mounted

Length: 3470mm         

Width: 1560mm

Height: 1000mm          

Wheelbase: 2260mm

Track: 1460mm            

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2                    

Kerb Weight: 825kg

Owner: Phill Newborn

Year Finished: 1993

Year Restored: 2009

Type: Kit


Westfield is a small volume kit car maker based near Birmingham in England. They made Phill's chassis in 1992 when the specifications were much closer to that of the original Lotus 7 than now. Consequently the car is of the narrow body' type rather than the now more common wide body'.


The car was finished and registered for use on roads in the UK in 1993 and between then and the 3rd September 1999 it had 5 owners because on that date Phill became its 6th owner. Since buying the car it has been improved until now it is in excellent as new' condition. The car was bought from Terry Nightingale, a Westfield racer and dealer, based in Saffron Walden. Phill says it was bought for no better reason than he fell in love with the classic British Racing Green with a Yellow nose colour scheme!


It was then used as Phill's every day transport until June 2002. During this period it was used through three British winters and regularly visited the builders merchants bringing home lengths of timber rested in the passenger foot - well and tied to the roll bar and bags of sand and stashed in the boot - box and passenger space.


It was a hard life for a Westie' so in June '02 Phill started to do some maintenance, this maintenance' got a bit out of hand and before he knew where he was the car was completely stripped, all the bits labelled and boxed and the chassis sat on stands. Renovation was slow but included a full engine makeover and rebore to 1721cc.


In September 2008 the now running and almost completed car was loaded into a container and arrived in New Zealand in December of the same year.

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