Geoff McMillan's Tachos Trike


Engine: VW 1.6 ltr..... Rear mounted

Length:  2995mm                

Width:  1600mm

Height:  1150mm                

Wheelbase:  2200mm

Track: 1350mm                   

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Rear

Seating:  2

Owner: Geoff & Jill McMillan

Year Finished: 1999

Year Purchased: 2010

Type:   Special


When Geoff suffered a stroke he decided that his 2 wheeled biking days were over. The only way to go was 3 wheels! A hunt on Trade Me brought up a couple of options with the Tachos being the one with the best price, in road-going condition and even came with a spare motor. Over the years Geoff’s steady tinkering with the trike has improved it immensely, with various other improvements planned for the future.

The first "mod" was to replace the "nana" VW wheels with mags! This improved the appearance immensely. The second was to replace the rear VW drum brakes that were constantly giving grief with EMPI disks that have been foolproof ever since.

The original engine was never too smart, always under-performing and using too much fuel. The additional engine (a 1600cc in parts), was re-built and fitted with much improved performance and economy, the third "mod"!

The body of the trike is panel steel although a GRP replacement may occur at some stage in the future. The rear suspension/drivetrain was provided by a 1960’s VW attached via steel tubing to Suzuki GSX 1100 forks wheel and double disk brakes.

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