Scott Exeter's T Track Roadster


Engine:VW 1.6 ltr … Rear mounted
Length: 3750mm 

Width: 1780mm

Height: 960mm 

Wheelbase: 2620mm


Brakes: Drum Frt/Rear


Owner: Scott Exeter

Year Started:  1985

Year Finished: 1987

Type:   Special


Scot has always had an interest in V Dub Trikes and Beetles, ended up with a few spares in need of use. Back then he read a lot of Hot Rod mags which in those days covered a wide range of automotive interests, from Go Karts, to off roading, to Indy cars and drag racing. With that in mind he decided to build a Track Tee style car, but with a Kiwi influence (hence the minilite style wheels, and lotus style nose). The design was also partly a protest against “Red Billet 32s with SBC + TH350”.


He liked the idea of a Volksrod (a trend that did not really take off) but with better handling and practicality (read luggage space). It was simple to build, basically a twin parallel beam chassis, with a nice deep ‘K’ member to stop it twisting, connecting front and rear Beetle suspension. On top of it is a fibre glass T-Bucket body with a sheet metal tilt front.


The engine has a 92mm big bore kit, and the crank is a non-counter weighted original, but has been offset ground for a 75.5mm stroke (69mm originally) and uses Holden con rods. It is fitted with a Holley Bug Spray 200CFM carburettor, but uses single port heads to restrict breathing and help the life of the crank. Wheels are Aldie 13x6 on the front and 13x10 Can Am on the rear, fitted with old school bias-belted fattys and radials on the front.


The roadster hasn’t had the use it should have over the years but it is still a buzz to drive, and is comfortable on a long trip, with the right gear on ands snuggled down. If he was to do the same thing today he would use a Subaru engine, sole reason being the cost of a high performance Beetle unit

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