TG - Bill Pinkham

Owner: Bill Pinkham 

Year Purchased: 2000

Year Built: 1989 

Type: Kit 


Engine: Toyota 2.0 ltr...Front Mounted 

Length: 3660mm           

Width: 1600mm 

Height: 1240mm            

Wheelbase: 2400mm 

Track: 1360mm              

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear 

Seating: 2                      

Kerb Weight: 590kg


Bill has always wanted a classic car but he couldn't afford to purchase and maintain any of the cars on his wish list. However when he saw an ad for an Almac TG it looked like a good substitute. It had the classic look along with available and affordable replacement parts.


So far he hasn't had any regrets, it currently gets daily use and the only real grumble is that it's lethal in the wet with its twin Dellorto carbs, but wearing lighter shoes seems to help. A big plus is that his son hates it, he won't drive it unless walking is the only other option and prefers not even being a passenger in it.


Naturally the car has aged a bit over the years and Bill intends to gradually restore it to its former glory as time and money permits. He is currently thinking about adding fuel injection and is constructing a hardtop for it.

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