TG - Roy Hoare

Builder: Roy Hoare 

Year Started: 2002 

Year Finished:2003 

Type: Kit 


Engine: Toyota 2.0 ltr...Front Mounted

Length: 3660mm         

Width: 1600mm 

Height: 1240mm          

Wheelbase: 2400mm 

Track: 1360mm           

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear 

Seating: 2                    

Kerb Weight: 590kg


This Almac is actually the third car that Roy has made and his first kit car. Previous cars have been the Urba Car and the Heron MJ 2+2.


With the Urba car starting to show its age. Roy was looking for another car to get him to and from work. The Almac with the option of either soft or hard top was ideal for the purpose. Was obtained after a chance conversation where Roy heard that there were three Almac TG's for sale in Auckland. Roy contacted the seller. Roy bought this one and club member Rob West bought the other two.


The car that Roy purchased had been built already but Roy stripped the car right back and rebuilt it tidying up and improving various bits along the way. On obvious improvement is the roll cage behind the drivers seat. The car was originally sold as a complete kit down to the last nut and bolt so most parts were on hand during the build process. Those that weren't were procured in Roy's usual bartering way ie. If it wasn't free then there was room for negotiation. Roy painted the finished car himself.

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