TG - Brian Robinson


Engine: Nissan 1.6 ltr... Front Mounted 

Length: 3660mm          

Width: 1600mm 

Height: 1240mm           

Wheelbase: 2400mm 

Track: 1360mm             

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Back 

Seating: 2                     

Kerb Weight: 590k

Builder: Brian Robinson 

Year Started: 1993 

Year Finished: 1995

Type: Kit


Brian purchased this kit as a retirement project and purchased his Triumph Herald Station Wagon donor car back in 1990 and started stripping it down in '91. However as many can testify the project did not get off the ground until 1993 with the purchase of an Almac body.


The car is an amalgam of parts culled from a large number of donors. A result of many hours spent fossicking around various wreckers yards. The Almac is based on the Herald donors chassis which has been modified, cut and strengthened to accommodate the bigger Nissan engine and 4 speed gearbox. The suspension is Triumph but the stub axles have been beefed up a little to take an anticipated increase in stress.


Ford, G.M., Toyota, Suzuki, Morris and Warwick Tweedy's T Car all made their contributions along with a lot of ingenuity and practicability along the way. Brian is particularly pleased with the dashboard which is made from a recycled mahogany bed headboard. During the build  learnt a number of new skills including auto-upholstery, auto-plumbing, and the bare essentials of auto-electric's.

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