Peter Schofield's Spartan


Engine: Ford 2.0ltr ..... FrontMounted

Length: 3960mm

Width:  1680mm

Height:  1300mm

Wheelbase:  2460mm

Track: 1480mm

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Drum Rear

Seating:  2

Kerb Weight:  940kg

Owner: Peter Schofield

Year Purchased: 2010

Year Finished: 1987

Type: Kit


After 10 years in the motor trade and a life long interest in cars, Peter always wanted to build a hot rod.  Diana wanted a convertible.  They took an Audi for a drive and started looking at options.  Peter investigated MG and other English options and then a friend purchased an Almac TG and Peter was introduced to the world of the home built car.


Peter saw the Spartan on Trade Me and left the screen open.  Diana saw the car and after some negotiation the car was purchased sight unseen.   Driving from Auckland to Wellington confirmed they had made the right decision. Driving from Auckland to Wellington confirmed that he had gotten a good deal.


This car was built in England in 1987 and brought over to New Zealand by its builder in 1996. The motor is a Ford Cortina Pinto motor that has been blueprinted and balanced to make as one brochure put it, “ A Gentleman’s Sporting Carriage. On arrival in New Zealand it was sold a coupe of times and progressively improved by each owner so that by the time Peter bought it the car was in tip top condition.


The engine is balanced and blue printed, it has extractors and a performance camshaft with a  twin throat Weber sucking petrol into the Pinto motor. Gearbox is 5 speed gear box. with a Mk3 rear axle. Seats are black leather from a Saab, wood grain dash, side exit exhaust. The body and hood are aluminium and guards etc. are fibreglass.

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