Saker SV1 - Paul Woodfield


Engine: Rover 3.5 ltr V8.... Mid Mounted

Length: 4050mm         

Width: 1830mm

Height: 980mm            

Wheelbase: 2565mm

Track: 1540mm             

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear

Seating: 2                    

Kerb Weight: 1020kg

Builder: Paul Woodfield

Year Started: 1994

Year Finished: 2000

Type: Kit


After seeing a Detomoso Pantera kit from Tom Morland Ltd. in Christchurch Paul was committed to one day building a kit car. Tom had a very nice looking Countach under development but as it had heaps of development to go Paul decided to leave it. Later moving to Fielding he discovered another kit car manufacturer called Bruce Turnbull. At that time the Saker was also under development and Paul watched as it took shape. A friendship developed and Paul decided to build a Saker.


Unlike the original Saker the current models have been lengthened by about 100mm to take a greater variety of engines. Especially V8's. Although Paul being an exotic metals welder made the chassis himself the car is assembled from a variety of donor cars. The transaxle and gearbox come from the faithful Renault. Front suspension components are provided by the LH Torana with a humble Viva providing the steering wheel. Doors have proven quite tricky to fit and are unconventional. Neither Gullwing nor Lamborghini in style but somewhere in between. As in other Sakers, entry is assisted via a unique tilt steering wheel mechanism which pivots to the side when the door is opened. The car has been immaculately finished and looks like the true exotic car that it is.

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