Sabre S2 - Alex McDonald

Builder/Designer: Alex McDonald 

Year Started: 2002 

Year Finished:2008 

Type: Prototype 


Engine: Lexus 4.0 ltr V8.... Front mounted 

Length: 4080mm               

Width: 1710mm 

Height: 1200mm                

Wheelbase: 2305mm 

Track: 1470mm                   

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear 

Seating: 2                          

Kerb Weight: 1080kg


In 2002 Alex of ALMAC cars started the Almac Sabre Series 2. Like the TC and TG Alex has again looked at all the shortcomings of the original Sabre and improved them. The car has been moved away from the MX5, further upmarket where although it was more expensive to build it could compete more favourably.


A new and stronger chassis was designed. The humble Cortina drive train has completely gone. Front wishbone suspension has been designed in house by Alex. The independent rear suspension came from the ever reliable and popular XJ6 Jaguar. The body had undergone a complete facelift with the only parts remaining unchanged were the doors and the Cortina windscreen. The front was given a more aggressive look which is enhanced by the subtle bonnet bulge. One of the cars biggest improvements was in the size of the boot which had gone from being barely useful, when the roof has been stowed, to more than adequate.


Transmission tunnel has been widened for bigger engines and the heating system and controls now superb coming out of a late model Corolla. The headlights which had been one of the trickier parts of the car to assemble had now been fully sorted out. In short Alex had addressed all the shortcomings of the Series 1 and built a better car.

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