Sabre - Alex McDonald

Builder/Designer: Alex McDonald 

Year Started: 1991 

Year Finished:1995 

Type: Prototype


Engine: Leyland 4.2 ltr V8... Front mounted 

Length: 4080mm         

Width: 1710mm 

Height: 1200mm          

Wheelbase: 2305mm 


Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear 

Seating: 2                     

Kerb Weight:900kg


Almac Plastics is well known nation wide for its range of kit cars. The Sabre is the latest car that Alex has decided will be the best and incorporate all the skills that have been learned after almost twenty years of building cars. Designed to be a fun and affordable soft top sportscar in a similar vein as the legendary MX5. It has a low centre of gravity and an even weight distribution of almost 50/50.


The car meets all current safety standards and has been designed to take one donor car, the Ford Cortina Mk4 or Mk5. The only exception to this are the door mechanicals and glass which come from a Toyota Corolla along with the tail lights. Alex's car is brilliant red and can be driven as either a hard-top, soft-top or a Targa top. The motor originally was ex-Capri but that has since been replaced with a Leyland P76 V8. Dashboard gauges are Cortina mounted behind a rich veneer of wood grain.

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