Sabre - Ron Lowe


Engine: Ford 2.0 ltr... Front Mounted

Length: 4080mm         

Width: 1710mm 

Height: 1200mm          

Wheelbase: 2305mm 

Track: 1400mm            

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear 

Seating: 2                    

Kerb Weight: 900kg

Builder: Ron Lowe 

Year Started: 1994 

Year Finished: 2000 

Type: Kit 


The story of Ron's purchase of an Almac Sabre begins with his holidaying brother dragging him along to Almac Cars over five years ago along with the Reliant Scimitar Car Club. The Sabre was not around in those days but the Almac TG was. Ron was sorely tempted to build one but as often happens it was put on the back burner. Four years later his wife decided to go shopping for plants at Twiglands, Upper Hutt. While there he spotted the Almac Cars factory across the road and decided to pay them an informal visit again. This time he was more positive towards the TG until he saw the Sabre. Once Kate (his wife) saw it, it was official.


Soon after a deposit was paid and a Cortina 1600 donor car was purchased for $500-00. The motor was replaced with a 2000 Cortina motor purchased from Napier. Ron was fortunate in that the car he bought had been tinkered with and had a few extras like a Ghia sports dash. The car is finished in a deep Green colour which is carried through to the interior and is complimented by the wood grain of the dash panel. A key visual difference between this and other Sabres is that Ron has elected to use the original bumper with the Ford Telstar indicators.

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