Sabre - Patrick Harlow

Builder: Patrick Harlow

Year Started: 1993      

Year Finished:  1998

Type:   Kit


Engine: Rover 3.5ltr..... Front mounted

Length:  4080mm          

Width:  1710mm

Height:  1200mm          

Wheelbase:  2305mm

Track: 1400mm             

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Drum Rear

Seating:  2                   

Kerb Weight:  900kg


Patrick has had an interest in building cars for many years. The Sabre is the third car out of the Almac factory and unlike the other two, it’s shape is totally designed by Alex MacDonald. It is designed to be a modern sportscar along the lines of the legendary MX 5.


Almost all the donor parts came from a 2.3 Mk V Cortina with the side windup windows coming from a 1981 Corolla coupe. Tail lights came from a 1992 Corolla hatch. The advantages of using the 2.3 Mk V Ghia was that being top of the range it came with all the whistles and beeps that are now standard on everyday cars.


Patrick’s Sabre has been fitted with the automatic gearbox, electronic ignition, dashboard and the power steering that came with the donor car. The car has been painted blue with a grey and black interior. Over the time that it has been on the road it has been upgraded as Alex has changed the design. Another major upgrade occurred when Patrick replaced the 2.3 motor with a 2.8 motor out of a Ford Capri after the car had been on the road for a couple of years. Finally in 2011 it received it’s final motor the Rover V8.


This car features the 1999 restyled front bumper, and roll over bars behind the seats.

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