Richard Kelly's Radical

Owner: Richard Kelly

Year Built: 2003

Year Purchased:  2013

Type:   Production Special


Engine: Suzuki Hayabusa 1.3 ltr ...... Mid Mounted

Length: 3820mm

Width:  1520mm

Height:  1020mm 

Wheelbase:  2200mm

Track:  Frt 1450/Rear 1500mm 

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Rear

Seating:  2

Curb Weight:  450kg



The Radical SR3 is a purpose built Le Mans style racecar made by Radical Sportscars in the UK. Built on a spaceframe chassis to comply with FIA Sportscar racing rules, the SR3 is a very capable high performance, yet simple to engineer racecar. 1200 + have been built and are used around the World in very popular single make series. Richard’s SR3 is powered by a Gen 1 Hayabusa  1300cc. The 1300cc is renowned for being the most reliable package; which was important in the purchase decision.


A bespoke racecar is a World away from Richard’s previous car; a homebuilt Lotus 7 Replica. But without the years behind the wheel of the 7, driving the SR3 would be a huge ask. The SR3 is engineered to run full slicks and has a fully operational aero package. Combined with the very light all up weight, it goes around corners in the most amazing way. The little 1300 lets the SR3 go toe-to-toe with 600hp Super GT racecars. What it gives away on the straight is all made up for in the braking zones and corners. Richard is lapping in the 1:12's at Manfeild, 1:25's at Taupo and 1:09's at Hampton Downs. At the time of writing, there is still more learning to be done and time to be dropped.


One of the great things about the SR3 is that it can take a passenger. After all, what’s the point in having this much fun without being able to share it.


Richard is competing in the NZ Endurance Championship and the New Zealand Sportscar Championship with the SR3; as well as using the car for promotional and corporate events.

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