RS60 - Peter Andrews

Designer/Builder: Peter Andrews

Year Started: 2007

Year Finished: 2011

Type: Prototype


Engine: Subaru 2.0ltr ltr Mid... Mounted

Length: 3850mm                   

Width: 1650mm

Height: 850mm                     

Wheelbase: 2260mm

Track: Front 1575/1600mm    

Brakes: Disk Front/Rear

Seating: 2                             

Kerb Weight: 750kg


Peter is a well known car constructor having produced a kit car in the 80s called the Asco Aura. On his return from Australia he produced the amazing one off car called the Patero and another car that he is putting into production called the MX-A. (see separate profiles)


The body of the RS60 had been sitting in a field and Peter had purchased it through an add place in our club magazine. The body had been made to go onto a shortened VW chassis but Peter was not happy with the way it looked with the VW engine hanging out the back of it so he decided to change it.


Being very fond of the MX5 he decided to use that as the donor car and used the entire floorpan keeping the front and rear suspension.RS60Andrews3 The MX5 dif was thrown out and peter discovered that it was a relatively simple job to put the Subaru diff in its place with very few modifications. The Subaru motor is now right behind the seats mid ships where it should be and in rear wheel drive configuration. The interior uses the MX5 instrument panel and the fuel tank sits under the bonnet to help the weight distribution.


In no way is this car a Porsche replica as every body panel has been changed to fit the MX5 floorpan making it shorter and wider than the original. People that have seen this car are so impressed that it may also find its way into production.

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