Purvis Eureka - Ken McAdam

Owner: Ken and Shelley McAdam

Year Purchased: 2004

Year First Registered: 1977

Type: Kit


Engine: Mazda 1.2ltr Rotary...Rear Mounted

Length: 4420mm

Width: 1753mm

Height: 1067mm

Wheelbase: 2420mm

Track: F/1370mm R/1230mm

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2

Kerb Weight: 800kg


Ken discovered this car for the first time when he saw an add posted from the Club e-mail list. The thing that caught his eye was the fact that it was VW based and as he already had a Taipan (see Taipan Profile) it seemed to be a logical step. The question was how to convince his wife Shelley that they should get another kit car parked in the garage. With a sheer stroke of brilliance the problem was solved when he gave the car to her as a wedding anniversary present.


History of this car is sketchy but it was first registered by Eureka Cars (NZ ltd) in Auckland when they set up a business to manufacture Purvis Eurekas in the late 1970's. It was used as a demonstrator by the company for a while before being sold as a turnkey model. The simple VW floorpan is used as it comes off the car. In this case the donor car already had front disc brakes and an independent rear suspension. Although VW's were not famous for there turn of speed the Mazda Rotary effectively turns a "sows ear into a silk purse".


Originally designed by Richard Oakes in the UK, this car for a while, was extremely popular world wide. When Alan Purvis got hold of it in the early 70's he gave it a bit of a facelift which included getting rid of the two predominant nostrils in the front of the car add some Lamborghini styled ducting on the rear quarters and replaced the original rear louvers with a nice looking tailfin. This car comes with a targa top which cures the principal fault, that the car had non-opening windows.

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