Porsche 356 Speedster Replica - Dave Bray

(Vintage Speedster)

Builder: Dave Bray 

Year Started: 1994 

Year Finished: 1996 

Type: Kit 


Engine: VW 1600... Rear Mounted 

Length: 3850mm         


Height: 1225mm          

Wheelbase: 2125mm 

Track: 1320mm            

Brakes: Disc Front and rear 

Seating: 2                   

Kerb Weight: 790kg


The story of Dave's car goes back a long time to the first car that he and his wife purchased when they first got married, a Singer roadster. Years later with the family grown they decided to get another one. The problem was finding the car that fitted Dave as his frame had matured a bit over the years.


Several cars were tried and didn't fit and it wasn't until a trip to the UK where Dave tried a Chesil Speedster that he found a car that fitted. An added benefit was that it was VW powered as VWs had been in the family for years and there are still a string of them in the family.


Back in NZ Dave went to Macrae cars to have a look at their Speedster and talked Graeme Macrae into selling the original Speedster that he had imported from California from Vintage Speedsters. Graeme had imported it to make the moulds for his production kits. The donor car is a 1968 Beetle that has had its chassis shortened by 420mm to fit the fibreglass body. The motor was built in Auckland and has been fully balanced. To keep the car quiet and reduce drumming every cavity is being filled with fibreglass batts and two pack foam.


An added bonus was the purchase of a genuine Porsche Speedster wheels and a steering wheel that came from a friend in America. Because of slight changes in its production run Dave has based his Speedster on the 1957 Porsche 356.

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