Rob Schrickel's Speedster

Builder: Rob Schrickel

Year Started: 1998

Year Finished: 2000

Type: Prototype


Engine: VW 2.4 litre.... Rear Mounted

Length: 3850mm

Width: 1650mm

Height: 1225mm

Wheelbase: 2120mm

Track: 1340mm

Brakes: Disk Front/Rear

Seating: 2


In the early 90's Rob had seen adds in VW magazines for 356 Speedsters, but at the time there didn't seem to be any kits available in NZ, only the 550 Spyders which wasn't what he wanted.


Then in the late 90's he was offered an opportunity to take some moulds from a Speedster kit that he was painting. So the chassis and running gear from his own VW was swapped out before selling what was left. The chassis was then shortened and used as the platform for the 356. This car has a 2365cc motor, mild hydraulic cam, big valves, match ported, balanced, twin Webers, headers. With all power going through a 210 clutch to a 3.88 box, this gives a great combination of high gear ratio for highway cruising with loads of torque and good revs. Because it has IRS the rear axles and trailing arms have been narrowed so the 5" wheels will fit under the body. While the front has dropped spindles with a slight adjustment in the torsion bars to soften the ride, as there's less weight on it now.


It was never meant to be an exact replica; as he wanted it to be better. So it has two air vent grills to help cool the larger motor, and the interior has been changed slightly to how he wanted it to look, not how they were. The shape of the hood bows is lower than original as well to give a cleaner lower look. But even like this it still fooled many from the Porsche club, and pretty much everyone who sees it will comment on what a nice old car it is and did he restore it himself. SpeedsterSchrikel7Rob later put the car into production and in the usual fashion of someone starting something like this he saw that there were a few improvements that he could make along the way. Later changes were made on the cars and kits made after this first one.


The car is no longer available.

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