Peter Andrews' Patero

Builder/Designer: Peter Andrews

Year Started: 2005

Year Finished: 2005

Type: Special


Engine: Toyota 4.0 ltr V8.... Front Mounted

Length: 4700mm

Width: 1710mm

Height: 1200mm

Wheelbase: 2730mm

Track: 1500mm

Brakes: Disc Frt/Rear

Seating: 2

Kerb Weight: 1310kg


This is actually the sixteenth car that Peter has built and is solely designed by him. Peter enjoys building cars as one offs and this one is based on a 1988 Toyota Crown chassis and running gear. The body tub comes from a Nissan EXA which takes care of the problem of mounting the doors and getting the windows to work. The front and back sections are made using a polyurethane foam sandwich with fibreglass on both sides over a light steel frame. The car was built in only nine months which is very quick for a scratch built body.


The same attention to detail has been applied to the interior and it is extremely hard to spot the Nissan EXA as Peter has customised the dash again using foam and fibreglass. The mechanicals were quite straight forward as most of it came with the chassis which included the V8 motor, a 4 speed auto gearbox and all round disk brakes. The body incorporates a lift off Targa roof, electric windows etc.

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