Andrew Francis's Milano

Owner: Andrew Francis

Year Built: 2001

Year Purchased: 2004

Type: Special


Engine: Ford 1.6 lt crossflow.... Front Mounted

Length: 3820mm

Width: 1590mm

Height: 900mm

Wheelbase: 2300mm

Track: 1540mm

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2

Kerb Weight: 680kg approx


After having a drive in Paul Chipp's Lotus 7 Lotus Seven. (It turns out that the 7 was actually Robertson James built by Ron Robertson) Andrew and his wife Leanne were hooked. Then while visiting Auto Classics they saw the Milano built by Graham Brown. It was such a cool car that they had to take it for a drive and were really impressed with the car especially because it was home built. A few weeks later and after taking out a MX5 which drove really nice but just didn't have the X factor they found themselves back at Auto Classics and bought the Milano.


The other appealing factors was its true and tried chassis of a Locost with the simplicity of a 1600 Ford Cross flow engine, gearbox and Escort diff and the bonus of a body with curves any man would die for. The body was made in Sydney Australia in the 60's and was found in a barn in Palmerston North. The body was originally made to fit on an Austin 7 chassis and Graham has spent a lot of time cutting, stretching and reshaping it to get it to fit the Locost.


Leanne enjoys the car as much as Andrew and won't turn down a quick cruise out in it. Since they have joined the Constructors Car Club they have enjoyed using club outings as an excuse to be out driving the Milano.

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