McGregor - Aaron Wood


Engine: Toyota 2.0 ltr..... Front mounted

Length: 3130mm           

Width: 990mm

Height: 1550mm            

Wheelbase: 2390mm

Track: 1350mm              

Brakes: Disc Frt/Rear

Seating: 2                      

Kerb Weight: 550kg

Builder: Aaron Wood

Year Started: 2008

Year Finished: 2013

Type: Kit


The McGregor is actually the second 7 type car that Aaron has owned. The first was a Chevron which he purchased in 2006. After owning it for two years he sold it and started doing research for a car that he would build himself. An Altezza motor with matching 6 speed gearbox were two of the earliest components that were purchased.


Some research demonstrated that the motor would fit in a McGregor chassis providing it was dry sumped. The end result was worth it. It was a joint project with his father although things became a little unstuck when he moved from the South Island to Bulls with the Royal NZ Air Force. Difficult but not impossible as Aaron would return to Christchurch for his holidays and continue on with the project. Things took longer but there was plenty of time to plan between visits. 


His father designed and fitted a stainless steel fuel tank to give more storage room in the back. Early on the decision was made to convert the existing Ford rear brake drums to a Honda Civic disk system with a built in handbrake. Right from the start it was a two man project and the final result shows the attention to quality and detail that the pair put into it.

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