Rob Schrickels Manx Buggy

Owner: Rob Schrickel

Year Started: 2004

Year Finished: 2004

Type: Kit


Engine: VW 1.6 ltr....Rear Mounted

Length: 3300mm

Width: 1670mm

Height: 1330mm

Wheelbase: 2030mm

Track: 1460mm

Brakes: Drum Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2


The Beach Buggy was first conceived by a Mr. Bruce Meyers in California in the early sixties starting a fad that spread worldwide. The Meyers Manx conceived then is the forerunner of what we see here. When Rob was approached by Louis Treweek, (the first NZ manufacturer of beach buggies in the 60's) to clean up and put the Manx style buggy moulds back into production, he couldn't resist. Having years of Volkswagen restoring and VW kit car manufacturing including a buggy he designed himself, it didn't take long to put this one together on Saturdays. Especially when NZ Classic Car Magazine called wanting to take some photos, and it was a long way from being finished.


This Buggy is based on a VW 1300 beetle chassis which has been shortened by 14 3/4" - 15", as most short wheel based buggies are. The great thing about building a buggy is you only need one donor car, the VW beetle 1500 is the best as it has the steering column and brake master cylinder required for VIN. Although these parts do fit earlier chassis. The ones to avoid are the 1302 & 1303 beetles as they used Mac Pherson Strut suspension and the steering column and fuel tank are different. But like any thing you can make them as basic or complicated and fancy as you want.

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