Peter Andrews' MXA

Builder: Peter Andrews

Year Started: 2006

Year Finished: 2007

Type: Body kit


Engine: Mazda 1.6 ltr.... Front Mounted

Length: 3950mm                      

Width: 1680mm

Height: 1200mm                       

Wheelbase: 2260mm

Track: F/1425mm R/1440mm  

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear

Seating: 2                                

Kerb Weight: 850kg



Peter after building the Patero GTC got the itch to build yet again something new and entirely different. Rather than doing a scratch build like the Patero he decided to modify an existing excellent little sports car, the Mazda MX5 and give it the looks that it deserved. Based in Katikati the MXA is actually the third car that Peter has created and is the second that he has put into production.


Many people now consider the MX5 to be a "hairdressers" car. Using foam and fibreglass and a little careful sculpting he has turned what already was a pretty car into something that looks more aggressive but not too much. The idea came to Peter after his partner Trish purchased an MX5 and Peter had taken it for a drive. As there was no way Trish was going to let him start experimenting on her precious sportscar another MX5 had to be purchased. The MX5 makes the ideal donor car as their have been very few mechanical changes to the car since it's inception in 1989.


Every single exterior panel of the car has been changed. And Peter has now made it into a bolt on kit. The interior can be easily changed too but up until now he has fitted a standard interior from another car. The advantage of doing it this way is that the car has the benefits of the lovely soft-top that the MX5 has. The series 1 (plastic glass) and the series 2 (heated rear proper glass window) soft-top's are interchangeable with the additional option of the hardtop that is available for these cars making it quite practical as an every day runner.


The main expense of the kit is the purchasing of the late model Mazda headlights and taillights. The car could be assembled over two or three weekends followed by more elbow grease to get it ready for painting. Being principally a body kit the car, unless mechanically modified, would not require certification or a new VIN number. The new panels would only weigh slightly less than what was taken off so the performance would not change.


The result is a very modern looking, reliable sportscar that is every bit as good as it's donor. The MX5 was reported as being great in every area except power and although it is not slow compared to the average family hack. Again this does not have to be the case these days as the car has a great aftermarket following. With the power of the Internet parts, such as a turbo or a supercharger, can be purchased either locally, from the US or Japan. The Japanese market now boasts several different types of interior that can be fitted to these cars if the builder wanted to move even further away from the MX5 look.

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