Lotus Replica - Chris Bromley


Engine: Toyota 2.0 litre... Front Mounted

Length: 3100mm           

Width: 1580mm

Height: 1100mm            

Wheelbase: 2160mm

Track: 1340mm              

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2                      

Kerb Weight: 550kg

Builder: Chris Bromley

Year Purchased: 2000

Year Finished: 2002

Type: Special


Chris had his first experience of a seven type vehicle way back in the early seventies. One of his workmates had just built a Dutton. It took him thirty years to get his own one and then he had to build it from scratch.


Like most sevens his is based on the series 3. It took approximately 2years to build and has been on the road since May 2002. The chassis is the usual square tubing space frame covered with aluminium panels. All fibreglass guards were made by Chris. The Escort rear axle was modified to be four link with panhard rod. The car has Independent front suspension and coilovers all round. Disc brakes at front with Princess callipers. Mk2 Cortina GTE rear drum brakes. The engine is Toyota 4age, injected and 5speed, diff ratio of 4.1:1.


Chris has done a few dual sprints with the car and a tried his hand at hillclimbs. Apart from the occasional mishap the car has performed beyond expectations and continues to be a major source of fun.

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