Lotus 7 - David Beazer

Restorer:Dave Beazer

Year Purchased:2005

Year Finished: 2008

Type: Production


Engine: Ford 1.6 ltr …Front Mounted

Length: 3650mm          

Width: 1500mm

Height: 1100mm          

Wheelbase: 2300mm

Track: 1260mm          

Brakes: Disc Frt/Drum Rear

Seating: 2 

Kerb Weight:  600kg


As a long time fan of Lotus cars with a special admiration for the various racing versions of the Jim Clark era, Dave was lucky to find a Series 4 Seven in Auckland in a dismantled state. Mindful that it was a classic sports car, the decision was made to completely rebuild the car down to the last nut and bolt, blending major changes and upgrades whilst still hoping to retain the unique and classic features of the Lotus Seven.


This car first registered in 1978 as one of approximately 90 genuine Lotus Sevens was made in the seventies by Steel Bros in Christchurch. The build run of these cars was quite unique as Steel Bros was the only company in the world outside of the United Kingdom permitted to manufacture and badge cars as genuine Lotus vehicles.


The rebuild was undertaken with Daves strong interest in racing a modified classic sports car while still being able to drive the car on the road  as it was originally intended. Stripped to the bare essentials, the chassis was checked before having extra bracing and aluminium panelling fitted for stiffness.Every part of the car has been upgraded or replaced including new upholstery and wiring. While Dave did most of the work and preparation himself gaining confidence and learning many new skills on the way, when required he called on outside expertise and friends to assist with some of the more technical aspects.


The result is a car that Dave takes pleasure in its appearance, whether he is driving it around town or having the opportunity to let it roar on the track

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