Leitch - Phil Bradshaw


Engine: Toyota 1.6 ltr.... Front Mounted

Length: 3110mm     

Width: 1570mm

Height: 1060mm     

Wheelbase: 2160mm

Track: 1320mm       

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear

Seating: 2               

Kerb Weight: 580kg

Builder: Phil Bradshaw

Year Started: 1992

Year Finished: 1992

Type: Kit


One day Phil got tired of driving plain cars and longed for something different. He toyed for a while with buying a series 4 Lotus 7 or a TR 6 but in the end decided to make his own replica.


Lack of time ruled out a special so he decided to see what was around. The choice came down to a Fraser or a Leitch. He had already seen a Fraser at a 1988 motorshow. While he was considering the two he had an opportunity to go for a ride in a Leitch. Shortly after that a deposit was paid. A written off '86 Toyota Levin provided the 4AGE motor with EFI and other parts as necessary. Since then the motor has been modified to accommodate 5 valves per cylinder, 4-throttle body and variable inlet cam timing. Making the engine capable of around 160 horses. Gearbox is a Toyota T-50 5 speed, connected to a five link Escort diff.


All round discs encourage the car to stop. Front discs are Mk 3 Cortina with the Levin providing the discs for the rear. Attached to these are Dunlop Alloys as fitted to the original series 3 Lotus 7. A Triumph 2.5 provided the interior instruments with all other switches and warning lights coming from after market parts bins. Interior is all black with leather bucket seats and full weather protection. The exterior is alloy finish with the fiberglass nose and mudguards being painted pink

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