Lamborghini Countach Replica - Robert Nyenkamp

(Countess Mouldings)

Owner: Robert Nyenkamp

Year Started: 1993

Year Finished: 2012

Type: Kit


Engine: Chevrolet 5.7 ltr V8... mid Mounted

Length: 4140mm            

Width: 2000mm

Height: 1060mm            

Wheelbase: 2450mm

Track: 1610mm              

Brakes: Disc Frt/Rear

Seating: 2                      

Kerb Weight: 1425g


In the past Robert has restored/worked on several cars but like most people loved the Lamborghini Countach. This was always out of reach. Until he went to a car show at Henderson Recreation Centre in 1989 and saw a Countess rotating on the stand it looked authentic and finished. Over the years he had seen many replica’s or Kit cars mainly built on a VW chassis. Very few of these were ever finished or look like everything worked. This was the first car he had seen that actually was on the road and looked original.


After moving back to the states with his new American wife he never gave up the dream of building Countach. Not just any Countach but one of the best. Time was spent flying and researching various kits from Texas to California and even the UK .


Eventually he purchased a replica from David Short (countess Mouldings). This package seemed very buildable this combined with his custom chassis and several of the additional things David did to his Kit made him choose this package. This was followed by the big decision to upgrade it to the 25th anniversary package changing the engine deck lid front and rear bumpers, air scoops, and tail light surround. These changes were made to the body in Auckland. After which the car went into storage for five years until they returned to NZ. With the help of several friends they redesigned the rear suspension and installed the drive train. Time passed until three years ago they decided to get this car finished and on the road.

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