Jaguar 120K Replica - Dave Bray

(Nostalga Classic 120)


Engine: Jaguar 3.4 ltr... Front Mounted

Length: 4400mm             

Width: 1800mm

Height: 1300mm             

Wheelbase: 2600mm

Track: 1450mm                

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear

Seating: 2

Builder: Dave Bray

Year Started: 2000

Year Finished: 2004

Type: Kit


Dave is already an accomplished car builder with an immaculate Porsche 356 replica under his belt. However, once it was finished he was bored and scanned around for another project. This car is an English kit from a place called Smeatharpe by Nostalgia Cars.


While in the UK on holiday they visited and were very impressed by the factory and their commitment to making a quality replica car. Dave even got a chance to spend some track time in the car. Once back in New Zealand Dave started to find out what was available in the way of suitable donor parts and carefully researched the original XK120 to find out its strengths and weaknesses. With this information in hand, Dave decided to give it a go.


An order was placed. As can be guessed most of the parts are Jaguar and Dave was able to get hold of some genuine XK120 wheels. The engine came from a Mk 2 jaguar and has been reconditioned. The gearbox came from the more modern 4.2 XJ6 and the brakes are Series 3 XJ6 ventilated discs. The finished car is as close as Dave could get to the original with his usual high attention to detail such as a genuine Lucas map light.

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