J.B.A Falcon - Harold McCarthy

Builder: Harold McCarthy

Year Started: 1994      

Year Finished: 1996

Type: Kit


Engine: Ford 2.0 ltr.... Front Mounted

Length: 3980mm 

Width: 1810mm

Height: 1168mm          

Wheelbase: 2578mm

Track: 1422mm  

Brakes: Disc Frt/Rear

Seating: 2  

Curb Weight: 815kg


One day while browsing through a Classic Car magazine Harold saw an add for the JBA and said that it would be his next car. His car is one of ten imported into New Zealand by British Component cars in Whakatane with his being number 8. The principal donor car is a Mk IV Cortina and the kit comes with the chassis, body and some specialist parts such as springs. Harold says that it is a good kit for the first time builder.


Right from the start he was determined that it would look as authentic as possible. The Cortina instruments were thrown out in favour of  VDO instruments imported from America as America still has miles per hour and gallons on their dials. These were mounted in a Burr Walnut dash. Hours were spent foraging through wreckers yards to get small trim pieces of the correct period.


The motor has been only slightly modified with a ¼ race cam. All running gear is Cortina but the seats probably came from a Suzuki Fronte as they were the only ones around that were narrow enough. All the upholstery and trimming out was done by Harold who is an upholsterer by trade. In fact apart from the wiring the entire car was built by him.

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