Ferrari Replica 308 GTB/GTS - Ross McCall

Builder: Ross McCall

Year Started: 2000      

Year Finished: 2009

Type: Special


Engine: Pontiac Fiero 2.8 ltr V6..... MidMounted

Length:  4230mm        

Width:  1730mm

Height:  1130mm         

Wheelbase:  2350mm

Track: 1460mm            

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Rear

Seating:  2                   

Kerb Weight:  1290kg


After years of engine transplants, race car building and restorations (cars, trucks and house) Ross decided he wanted to build his own car. The first car of choice was a Lamborghini but after seeing a project build in the flesh he decided that he did not really like it. Meanwhile a friend had spotted a Ferrari 308 project advertised for sale in Auckland. A quick trip to Auckland and several parts were purchased which would be useful later.


After a year or so and much searching for a Fiberglass body Ross found an old magazine advertising Ferrari kits. After some phoning around  Ross discovered a part project in storage in an Auckland warehouse. Much money changed hands and although after passing through several hands the body was rough but at least he had the generic shape which was dimensionally accurate. Ross was then able to carry  on building his own chassis. The chassis that came with the body was scrapped.


A limited budget meant slow progress as things were worked out, parts sourced and others fabricated. Many were changed as time went on and different/better ways of doing things were discovered E.g. three sets of top A arms. .Parts used for the build were Engine, gear box, rear hubs and suspension, ex Pontiac Fiero, front suspension has jag bottom arms and uprights with owner built axles and top A arms, HR Holden hubs ,Subaru discs with Falcon calipers. Ross built steering arms for the MK3 Cortina rack operated by MR2 column and MOMO steering wheel, and the list goes on. 


Several genuine Ferrari parts including window glass were ordered from the States. Further modification had to be made to the body to get these parts to fit. One part that did not fit easily was Ferrari drivers door glass which exploded, not a cheap part. Fortunately he had it insured. The interior/instrumentation is all Toyota MR2 which was almost a perfect fit.

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