Radical SR3 Sports Racing Car $34,995

I imported this car in 2013 and have competed in it in the NZ Sports Car

Championship (2014/15 2nd in Championship, 2015/16 and 2016/17 1st for
back to back wins) and the North Island Endurance Series 2014 (1st
Sports Car at Pukehohe 3 hour and 2nd in class for the 3 hour race
series with co-driver Elton Goonan) as well as at many other race events
and track days. This car is well known throughout the North Island and
was the Monster Energy liveried car ex-UK. Two weeks before I bought it,
it lapped the ‘Ring in 7:20 with a passenger onboard.

My Radical SR3 is a factory built, easy to drive and maintain car, while
being one of the fastest two seaters available. It has been fully race
prepared, upgraded and maintained by a dedicated team. I have been using
it as a promotional car and ride days for our business too.

Powered by a Radical Performance Engines built Suzuki Hayabusa 1300
(167HP at the wheels) the SR3 has a sequential gearbox, driving back
through a gear drive unit (no chain to break) and allows for change in
final drive ratio). The drive unit was service by Radical at the start
of the season and the car has just finished a full post season refresh,
including engine.


RPE 1300 wet sump engine

MBE 944A ECU with USB to CANbus for tuning

Aim EVO4 datalogger with G-DASH and GPS option

Ceramic-coated exhaust system

Penske adjustable shocks

Transmission cooler

5 point harness for driver and passenger

Medium Nik links front and rear

54 litre fuel tank

3.071:1 ratio set 145Mph (for Pukekohe and Hampton Downs)

0-100kmh in under 3 seconds

The car comes with setup and maintenance manuals.

The car comes with one set of wheels for slicks and a set for wets, the
special socket you will need for the wheels. Please see the optional
spares package below for additional items available.

If purchased at the listed price, I will include a day with you at the
track to go through setup and driving.

On going technical and driving assistance for this car can be arranged,
I’d like to help another driver join our series.

If you are interested in joining the NZ Sports Car Championship in a car
that could bring you in straight away as a series contender, or just
want a superbly quick race or track day car, please check out my car as
an option.

Lots of video is available at [1]

Lap times:


Taupo: 1:36

Hampton Downs: 1:09

Pukekohe: 1:04

Spares/ Tools Package Option (used items unless otherwise noted) $7,000

4 x Front wheels for slicks (tires fitted)

3 x Rear wheels for slicks (tires fitted)

1 set of wheels for wets (tires fitted)

1 set of wet tires

Teng Tools 1m long Left, right working torque wrench

MYLAPS FLEX Transponder (Rechargeable) (subscription expires 4 August)

Spare adjustable shocks (four front, 1 rear)

Front crash box

Water Radiator

Exhaust headers

Air filters

Lots of engine oil (new)

Air temp sensor (new)

1.4m strong arm bar for wheel nuts

Wheel nut socket for rattle gun

Drive shaft set

Carbon fibre cabin wind deflector

Wilwood brake callipers

3.409:1 drive ratio set (131Mph for Manfield/ Taupo)

Sockets for changing drive ratios

4 x brake discs (new)

Brake pads

Lots of used tires.

To inspect the car or for further info please contact Richard Kelly or 021 863 394.


NZ Manufactured Cars - A Cottage Industry

a book written by Patrick Harlow


At one stage almost all the cars sold in New Zealand were assembled in this country by big names like Holden, Ford and Toyota. Less known is the fact that during this time New Zealand was also the producer of many home grown cars and still is, but on a much smaller scale. The companies that produced these cars were forced to work on a shoestring budget and could not afford advertising campaigns to make their cars known. Largely ignored by mainstream motoring magazines they relied on word of mouth and success on the race track to get into the public domain.


This book looks at the vehicles which make up an important part of our motoring heritage. Many have never appeared in print before. Included are cars such as the Heron, inspired by the Lotus Esprit, of which 28 were sold in turnkey form. The

Escartus, a car that was going to be a supercar in the early eighties but only a few were built. The Mistral was a British body brought into the country in the late fifties and built into a competitive production car using Kiwi ingenuity. Included also is the Saker which is New Zealand’s least known supercar, but was built in at least three different countries and has its own racing series called the “European Saker Sports Car Challenge”.


Inside these pages are New Zealand’s automotive successes, the survivors and the short lived. As many as possible of these unique vehicles have been documented in this essential book for all car enthusiasts.


AUTHOR Patrick Harlow



DATE: Sept/Oct 2013

PUBLISHER Willsonscott

RRP: $50.00

SIZE: 240 x 280

EXTENT: 312 Pages

BINDING: Case Bound

ISBN: 978-1-877427-51-0

To purchase the book the author can be contacted directly via his e-mail which is

FOR SALE - Escort axle casings

FOR SALE - Escort axle casings

Here are two Escort axle casings.. Mk 2 I think.

One has a diff casting but no "innards", and backplates

collect in Totara Park.

$30 ea

Nik James          22 - 04 - 2016

FOR SALE - Honda Civic bits

Most of a 1992 Honda Civic, manual, need to get rid of lots of bits or whole body.

Contact Brian Worboys, 021 328 037

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