Clubsprint S1 - Alex McDonald

Builder/Designer: AlexMcDonald

Year Started: 2000      

Year Finished: 2002

Type:   Prototype


Engine: Ford 1.6 ltr..... Front mounted

Length:  3550mm         

Width:  1520mm

Height:  1000mm          

Wheelbase:  2235mm

Track: 1295mm              

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Drum Rear

 Seating:  2                   


This was the fifth car to come out of the Almac factory and like their first car the Cobra replica, this has a chassis designed by Graeme Berry. The principle aim in this project was to build an entry level kit car that would be cheap and straight forward to build. The main donor car is the humble Ford Escort of which there are still a good number of cars still around. The ClubSprint is a sevenesque clubman style car that can be built for a reasonable cost. The estimated cost of building a ClubSprint is between 10 and 15 thousand dollars depending on your choice of motor


Apart from the floor, front and rear bulkheads that are made from aluminium sheet the rest of the body is gel coated fibreglass panels. As gel coat comes in a variety of colours it can save on the cost of painting and being plastic it will not tarnish which is a problem that some owners have with polished aluminium.


Most of the mechanicals are Escort with the addition of Cortina front stub axles, discs and brakes. Mitsubishi provides the brake master cylinder and Ford Sierra the steering column.

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