Clubsprint S1 - Jonathan Hogg

Builder: Jonathan Hogg

Year Started: 2005        

Year Finished: 2009

Type: Kit


Engine: Toyota 1.6 ltr..... Front mounted

Length: 3550mm          

Width: 1520mm

Height: 1000mm          

Wheelbase: 2235mm

Track: 1295mm   

Brakes: Disc Frt/Drum Rear

Seating: 2  

Curb Weight: 600kg


With time on his hands Jonathan decided that he would like to build a project car. It all started one Christmas holiday when he saw an Almac advertisement for the Ford Escort based Clubsprint which is now known as the first generation. He spent a few months researching the idea, and then purchased the donor car a Mark 2 Escort from Trade me for $22 which is a pretty good price in anybodies book, next came a Toyota Carina which provided the motor.


With a good number of parts on the shelf the chassis and suspension was ordered from Almac. As is often the case the whole building and certification process took a lot longer than expected but was well worth the wait. The car goes extremely well and can now be regularly seen on the road and at Manfield for Track days and the Road and Track series


The car runs a Toyota 1600 16 valve Red Top motor quad throttle bodies with a Link G4 engine management computer, Toyota T50 gearbox and standard Ford Escort differential, Brembo front rotors with Wildwood 4 pot callipers and Escort 9” drums at the rear.

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