Chevron - Tony Pepperill


Engine: Toyota 2.0 ltr..... Front mounted

Length: 3100mm       Width: 1700mm

Height: 1000mm        Wheelbase: 2220mm

Track: 1380mm          Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2                  Kerb Weight: 650kg

Owner: Tony Pepperell

Year Purchased: 2001

Type: Kit


Tony had fancied a Chevron for some time since he first test drove one that was on display in Ian Taylor's Car yard in the early 90's. He also visited the Chevron factory around the same time and was then invited to the Chevron Car Club's session at the Taupo circuit.


During 2001 he changed jobs and while on a work trip to Auckland he was flipping through the magazine stand at the airport when he spotted the car in the Auto Trader. Even better it was in Auckland. He had seen the same car for sale about 12 months earlier and thought it looked like one that would just about fit what he was looking for. To cut a long story short he ended up going for a ride in it that night, once he got back to Wellington he convinced his wife that it was a good idea and bought it. So much for just checking out the market. A trailer was borrowed and a return trip to Auckland was made to pick it up one weekend in September 2001.


This Chevron is probably the MK1 as it has the "dog leg" brace which is missing on the Mk2. It has the Vauxhall Viva suspension, hubs, cross member, steering rack and original 8" Lockheed disc brakes. Although the brakes look small they perform well, albeit with fairly heavy pedal pressure. Rear suspension is HR Holden diff and drum brakes.


The colour is dark green (not true BRG but close). A unique styling cue on this car is the NACA type vent on top of the nose cone which now serves no obvious purpose. Interior is black with a nicely finished wood grain dashboard.

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