Chevron - Chris Allen


Engine: Toyota 1.6 ltr...Front mounted

Length: 3100mm      

Width: 1700mm

Height: 1000mm      

Wheelbase: 2220mm

Track: 1380mm        

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear

Seating: 2               

Kerb Weight: 650kg

Builder: Chris Allen

Year Started: 1991

Year Finished: 1992

Type: Kit


Chris works for Transfield Services as a Telecom technician. After flying control line model aircraft for several years he decided it was time to do something that he had in mind to do for several years.


The first step was to join the Chevron Car Club. The second step was to purchase a Chevron Mk II kit, Viva front and rear suspension, a 4AGE motor with a T50 gearbox. The third step was to get it road registered and to teach the family how to drive it at the Chevron Club Taupo Christmas meeting.


In 1995 the diff. was changed from Viva to Nissan viscous independent which involved fabricating cradle and suspension arms. In 2005 the car was taken off the road and a full roll cage was fitted. Front suspension was changed; MX5 front hubs with RX7 discs and calipers were fitted along with lots of rose joints. Twelve at the front and twenty at the rear. New fabricated front lower arms but he kept the Viva upper. (Well he had to keep something)


Dash came from a Toyota Corolla mainly because it cost nothing and plugged into the existing loom.


The car is now regularly raced in the Inter-Marque series and will always be a work in progress, which is when it is not being driven hard by each member of the family.

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