Cheetah - Grant Loch

Owner: Grant Loch

Year Started: 1990

Year Finished: 1991

Type: Kit


Engine:5.7 ltr … front mounted Length: 4470mm              

Width: 1830mm

Height: 1220mm              

Wheelbase: 2670mm

Track: 1520mm                

Brakes: Disc Frt/Rear

Seating: Two                  

Curb Weight: 1340 kg


A friend Gideon de Lautour showed Grant Loch a picture of an Australian kit car in 1981 and the seeds were sown which cumulated into an amazing car that would debut at the 1988 New Zealand Car Show held in Epsom Auckland. Together with Gideon and his brother Keith they set about producing a kitset car called the Cheetah to make a clear distinction between that and the car it resembled, the E-Type Jaguar.


No dimensions match the Jaguar as this car is based on a Holden HQ floor pan and the Holden is the principle donor car. The front windscreen is the rear windscreen of the saloon, and the side glass is the rear door glass turned around 180 degrees. The rear floor pan from the seats back was removed from the body with the rear suspension and fuel tank still in place along with the entire front subframe. The two were connected together with a simple spaceframe centre section which was bolted to the front subframe anchor points and bolted to the floor pan rear suspension mounting points. So although the car had a similar wheelbase to the Jaguar it was 150mm wider giving the car, in their opinion, the correct proportions for a modern GT sports car.


All the mechanical parts are Holden including the wiring, steering and suspension. Only the gauges are after-market off the shelf items. Even the rear taillights came from the Holden although in this case it was the station wagon. Holden saloon taillights were tried but deemed to be unsuitable.  Sadly production stopped after only nine examples had been built.

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