Caterham - Craig Wylie


Engine: Ford 1.6 ltr... Front Mounted

Length: 3450mm         

Width: 1600mm

Height: 1080mm         

Wheelbase: 2160mm

Track: 1550mm           

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2                   

Kerb Weight: 525kg

Owner: Craig Wylie

Year Built: 1990

Year Purchased: 2000

Type: Kit


The car was built in the UK and first registered in May 1990. It was brought to NZ by the first owner in 1997 when he emigrated to NZ. Unfortunately for him, his wife, whom he met after purchasing the car, was not totally in favour of it, and when she saw how Kiwis drove on public roads, would not travel in it. She convinced him to sell it and buy a yacht. Craig purchased the car in March 2000 with only 3,400 miles on the clock. It was pristine and had never seen a racetrack.


Initially it was only driven on public roads, but his need for more speed saw it at a couple of track days at Manfield, and then the Intermarque Sprints. In 2003, despite the fact that he always said he would never race it due to its originality and condition, he was convinced to race it. First real race was the British Sportscars handicap race at Whittakers that year. Despite starting from near the back of the field, he managed to win it. Thus inspired he was encouraged to enter more race meetings, so off came the clamshell guards, fullscreen, and replaced with cycle guards and aero screen.


A few other bits came off and as the car was now hardly being driven on the road, so did the number plates. So it morphed into a pure race car. It has since been entered in the Southern Festival of Speed events. It is a regular attendee at Whittaker's events and a number of other race meetings, mainly at Manfield. Best lap time at Manfield at this stage is 1.21, which is pretty pleasing for a cross-flow that still has room for further modification. The car handles fantastically and is ultra reliable. Despite the hard work it has done in recent years it still has the original internals in the engine.

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