Caterham - Ian Atkinson

Owner: Iain Atkinson

Year Started: 1994

Year Finished: 1996    

Type:   Kit


Engine: Ford 2.0 ltr... Front Mounted

Length: 3098mm      

Width: 1549mm

Height: 940mm         

Wheelbase: 2160mm

Track: 1245mm         

Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear

Seating: 2                 

Kerb Weight: 500kg


When Iain's friend "Monkey Mason" gave Iain a drive of his S2 Lotus 7 he was hooked although he was only a teenager at the time he knew that he would someday own one. It was 10 years before he was able to make an order and by then the Lotus had turned into a Caterham.


Assembly of the kit was quite straightforward as he had ordered a "CKD" kit (Completely Knocked Down) which meant that everything was supplied down to the last spring washer, including the Ford crossflow motor. Caterham Cars were very good in answering all of his inane questions and making up any shortages despite the fact that they had delivered the kit several years earlier. The package also involved a post build check by a Caterham service agent which added a degree of confidence before it took to the road.


Needless to say the experience of driving the car was mind blowing. It was by far the fastest car he had ever driven, and as he had assembled himself the satisfaction was immense. It would have ended there but a ride in a Caterham Superlight R500 (about 230 bhp) around Castle Coombe (England) and his perception of "Fast" changed. A big upgrade occurred which would take a couple of years. Firstly a new Ford Duratech 220bhp engine which had been built by Raceline in Guildford was installed. The opportunity was taken to rework most of the car e.g. the dif was up rated, wiring redone, wheels and tyres sorted. Etc.


Since then the car has seen a lot of track activity. When Iain moved to New Zealand in 2005 it was natural that the car would come too. It remains a fun car to drive on or off the track.

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