CR2 - John Ward

Builder/Designer: John Ward

Year Started: 2001

Year Finished: 2003

Type: Special


Engine: Toyota 1.6 ltr Mid Mounted

Length: 3500mm

Width: 1700mm

Height: 200mm

Wheelbase: 2300mm

Track: 1440mm

Brakes: Disc Front/ Rear

Seating: 2

Kerb Weight: 800kg


The idea for this car came 3 years when John decided to look at what the origins of kit cars were about. He discovered that it is the fitting of contemporary mechanicals to a lightweight rigid chassis. Thus inspired he started looking at front wheel drive units that could be used in a mid-engined installation.


Due to previous experience with Toyota 4AGE motors the Corolla FXGT seemed a likely donor vehicle, and when he found that the MR2 used the same engine and transmission already packaged for mid-engine use, the choice was easy to make. The wheelbase and track dimensions of the MR2 were used and every possible part of the car was looked at for suitability , in the end all the suspension, steering, braking, electrical, cooling and instrument systems along with the engine and transmission were utilised.


The next step was to build a chassis to house all these components. The chassis is made from 25mm square tubing, fully triangulated. The body shape originated from the need to clad the chassis in a reasonably aesthetic looking but not too labour intensive panels. The only panel made using a mould is the nose, the other curved panels were made from lightweight marine plywood which was shaped over curved formers that were temporarily attached to the chassis and then covered with a layer of woven fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin. The complete wiring loom and instrument panel was used, John didn't use the MR2 head or taillights as they didn't suit the look of the car, 5 inch headlights and Hella LED taillights fitted the bill.


The car has fabricated twin fuel tanks which are located behind the seats. Braking is handled by the MR2 system. The philosophy behind this car was to utilise a single donor vehicle for as many parts as possible to minimise the costs and time spent sourcing components from different cars. The use of as many Toyota parts as possible simplified the certification process.

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