Amero GT - Mark Stacey

Owner: Mark Stacey

Year Purchased: 1984

Year Built: 1974

Type:   Prototype


Engine: Holden 3.3 ltr..... Front mounted

Length:  ??mm             

Width:  1800mm

Height:  1250mm          

Wheelbase:  4000mm

Track: 1450mm            

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Drum Rear


Not only does this car represent one of six cars manufactured as kits by Gordon Hook during the 1970s it is also the first and is actually the buck that Gordon used to create moulds for his first production kit car. Its classic shape was Inspired by the then relatively new Ford Capri and current styling of many Italian supercars that were around at that time. Originally it was intended that the Amero would have a single donor car, the Mk 1 Cortina. Being the first of its kind the prototype was assembled from whatever Gordon had lying around in this instance it was parts mainly from Phase 3 Vanguard that was parked up in his back yard. The windscreen and rear suspension are Ford Cortina Mk1.


Mark Stacey bought this car early in 1984 as a runner. Within a year Mark had the Vanguard front end out and replaced with a Cortina Mk4 version that had disk brakes. He also replaced the 179 Holden motor with the 202 version and a 5 speed Corolla box. The Vanguard rear end had already been replaced with Holden parts. Mark drove and raced the Amero as his only car for quite a few years until he decided to fit a Nissan Skyline independent rear end. This turned into a major rebuild with the discovery the chassis needed a lot of reinforcing which led to the decision to take it off the road and begin a complete restoration of the car. Progress was reasonably swift at first but marriage, setting up a new business and a move to Northland have slowed progress. Eventuallyit will be fully road legal and include luxuries like carpet and power steering.

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