Almac Clubsprint - Alex McDonald


Engine: Mazda 1.6 ltr... Front mounted

Length: 3440mm      

Width: 1650mm

Height: 1000mm       

Wheelbase: 2395mm

Track: 1410mm         

Brakes: Disc Front/Rear

Seating: 2                 

Kerb Weight: 600kg

Builder/Designer: Alex McDonald

Year Started: 2007

Year Finished: 2009

Type: Prototype


Having made several of the Escort based Clubsprints Alex decided to make a 7 type car that he could actually drive in comfort. Using a modern MX5 as the donor vehicle it would have increased reliability and also be a relatively cheap build as wrecked MX5's were not very uncommon.

Starting with the Escort based Clubsprint the chassis was widened almost 100mm to take the Mazda independent rear end as a single bolt in unit. The main benefit of doing this was increased cabin room with plenty of room in the footwell. Removing the need that many 7 drivers have to take their shoes off to manage the pedals. Builders can choose from a variety of extra mouldings that Alex has made to give the car a professionally finished appearance.Quality of the gelcoat is such that the car does not need to be painted making it one of the cheaper 7 type cars on the market.

All the mechanicals come from the donor car including the wiring loom and computer and instrument panel.

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