Gavin Knight AMX07

Builders: Gavin Knight & Patrick Harlow
Year Started: 2012
Year Finished:  2013
Type:   Kit


Engine: Mazda 1.6 ltr..... Front mounted

Length:  4050mm 

Width:  1750mm

Height:  1230mm 

Wheelbase:  2265mm

Track: 1410mm 

Brakes:  Disc Frt/Rear

Seating:  2 Curb

Weight:  940kg


Having made a rash decision to purchase and MX5 body kit off Trade Me Patrick Harlow was aware of a couple of small problems. He had not told his wife and he did not have an MX5. Fortunately his son had just gotten married and Patrick remembered that the new father-in-law had used an MX5 to deliver the bride to the church. Even more fortunate was the fact that Patrick managed to convince Gavin Knight to buy the body kit before payment was required.


Gavin had been quite into cars as a young man and had purchased the MX5 a few years ago as a hobby car. As the AMX07 is inspired by the Aston Martin which is one of Gavin's favourite cars he wasn’t actually that hard to convince. It was a reasonably straight forward project that they were able to complete by working on alternate Saturday afternoons for 18 months. It was supposed to be a quick cheap build but as Gavin got more into the project the desire to take the car more into the realm of  his dream car proved to be too tempting. Wheels and suspension were upgraded as was the stereo system and leather interior. Parking sensors were also added. The final touch beside the Jaguar racing green body were the genuine Aston Martin badges that were recessed into the bonnet and wheel centres.


The kit was very complete as it came with all the panels including wiring and all the lights. Also included was a comprehensive build manual that made the build just that much easier.

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